Attract customers, improve checkout, operate more efficiently

Whether you sell online or in-person, accepting Mastercard® can help you:

  • Improve checkout — speed up checkout and deliver a better customer experience
  • Attract customers and keep the ones you have — whether through simply accepting Mastercard in addition to cash and checks or if you go further to issue prepaid or co-branded cards, you can attract new customers who appreciate the convenience and safety offered by electronic payments
  • Enter new sales channels and explore new technologies — accept payments through all channels — in store, online, via mobile and at locations such as unattended kiosks and fuel pumps
  • Streamline operations — with better insights into and control of expenses and more accurate and easier record-keeping with less paperwork, we make your back-office more efficient

Increase spending, grow loyalty and improve security

Find out how accepting contactless payments can help your business and customers

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