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Passion, togetherness, camaraderie and respect are rugby values that go beyond 80 minutes. They are the shared human values that sit at the heart of rugby culture, Japanese culture, and Mastercard®.

As a Worldwide Partner of Rugby World Cup 2019™, Mastercard brought together two strangers in Tokyo - Australian rugby legend Mat Rogers and Japanese local rugby fanatic Tomo - to show the good that comes when people are united by a passion like sport.

Built on a mutual passion for rugby, the two came together to create an all-in-one interactive travel guide – the ‘Tap Map’.

Ahead of Rugby World Cup 2019™, rugby fans can access the Tap Map to unlock the best experiences and Mastercard Priceless Experiences in Tokyo.

Tap into Tokyo celebrates the connection between different people, experiences and cultures to Start Something Priceless®.

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Robot Restaurant

Take ¥500 off admission tickets and/or VIP row seats.

Ginza Iwa

Enjoy 5% savings on lunch nigiri sushi course or dinner omakase coure.

Ghibli Museum

Enjoy 10% savings on admission tickets to the Ghibli Museum.

Azure 45

Enjoy a complimentary glass of Champagne.

Japanese Knife-Making

Learn to forge a knife with 5% off.

Sumo Stable

Take 10% off your morning sumo practice watching experience.

Enjoy Priceless® Specials in Japan

Make your Rugby World Cup™ in Japan a little more priceless and a little more special.

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