Australian Open 2018 Served App
Priceless Surprises Promotion

Full Terms & Conditions

1. Information on how to enter the promotion and prize details set out in all communications regarding the ‘Australian Open 2018 Served App Priceless Surprises Promotion’ ("Promotion") form part of the Full terms and conditions. By participating in the Promotion, each entrant fully and unconditionally agrees and acknowledges that these Terms and Conditions and the decisions of the Promoter on all matters relating to the Promotion are final and binding. By participating in the Promotion, individuals will be deemed to be bound by and have accepted these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions prevail in the event of any conflict or inconsistency with any other communications, including advertising or promotional materials.

2. The Promoter is Mastercard Asia/ Pacific (Australia) Pty Ltd (ABN 95 108 603 345), L8, 100 Arthur Street, North Sydney, NSW 2060, Australia. Telephone: (02) 9466 3700.

3. Your use of the Australia Open 2018 Served App (the ‘App’) is subject to the App’s separate Terms and Conditions and Privacy Notice.


4. This Promotion is open to any person who holds a valid Mastercard and is aged 18 or over, excluding employees and their immediate families of Mastercard, Tennis Australia its subsidiaries, other group companies, its agents, or anyone else professionally connected with this Promotion.

5. The Promotion will be conducted each day of The Australian Open between 15/01/2018 to 28/01/2018 inclusive (“Promotional Period”). Entries will be open each day between the hours of 10:00am to 4:00pm (local time) except in the case of 26/01/2018 (hours are 2:00pm to 6:00pm local time), 27/01/2018 (hours are 12:00pm (noon) to 6:00pm local time) and the 28/01/2018 (hours are 3:00pm to 6:00pm local time). For clarity, participation in this promotion is only eligible during the morning sessions of The Australian Open between 15/10/2018 and 28/01/2018 or the twilight sessions on 26/01/2018, 27/01/2018 and 28/01/2018.

How to enter and win

6. A representative of the Promoter will conduct a draw where winning times and locations, corresponding to the number of prizes available to be won each day of the Promotional Period, will be determined prior to the commencement of the promotion. The draw will be a random selection using a random selection system. The system will randomly select a F&B Outlet(s) (defined below) and a winning time(s) for each day of the Promotional Period (each a “Winning Time”).

7. To participate in the promotion, individuals must undertake the following steps during the Promotional Period:

  • Download the App to their mobile device (available to download for free from the App Store or from Google Play) if not done so already;
  • Register their details via the App in accordance with the Order Ahead (‘Served’) Process per the App’s T&Cs including their Mastercard details;
  • Place an order via the App at any one of the seven (7) designated F&B Outlets, and use their Mastercard to pay for the order (“Order”). For clarity, the food and beverage outlets located at the Australian Open that display Mastercard banners that feature the messaging “Less Queues, More Tennis, Priceless Surprises” will each be deemed a “F&B Outlet”; and then
  • Collect their order from the F&B Outlet.
  • F&B Outlets include:
    • Rod Laver Arena – Crust Pizza RLA
    • Rod Laver Arena – Loaded Flatbread
    • Rod Laver Arena – South West Bar
    • Margaret Court Arena – Food Store
    • Margaret Court Arena – Stack Burger Co
    • Margaret Court Arena – The Chipper
    • Grand Slam Oval – Fresh Court

8. The first eligible entrant who collects their Order at a Winning Time, or if no entrant collects their Order at a Winning Time, the first entrant that collects their Order after the Winning Time (at the F&B Outlet corresponding to that Winning Time) will win an instant prize. Each winner will be subject to eligibility and entry requirements as notified by the promotional staff.


9. The following prizes will be available during the Promotional Period (each a “Prize”):

  • Four (4) x pairs of adult Superrow Australian Open tickets for the evening session (being the PM session) valued at up to $700 in total ($350 per ticket). For clarity, winners of this prize will receive two (2) Superrow tickets for the evening session of the same day in which the tickets were won;
  • Three (3) x pairs of adult Category 1 Rod Laver Arena Australian Open tickets for the evening session (being the PM session) valued at up to $460 in total ($230 per ticket). For clarity, winners of this prize will receive two (2) Category 1 tickets for the evening session of the same day in which the tickets were won;
  • Three (3) x pairs of adult Superbox Australian Open tickets for the evening session (being either the twilight or PM session) valued at up to $625 in total ($312.50 per ticket). For clarity, winners of this prize will receive two (2) adult Superbox tickets for the evening session of the same day in which the tickets were won;
  • Ten (10) x signed official Australian Open 2018 branded caps valued at $24 each. Caps will be signed by a tennis player determined by the Promoter in its discretion.

No transport or accommodation is included in the Prizes unless specifically indicated.  All other costs and expenses in using the Prize, including, but not limited to, spending money as required, are the winners’ and guests’ own. The Prize is as stated and nothing else is included.

10.  A breakdown of the instant prizes available to be won each day of the Australian Open 2018 are as follows:



Day 1: 15 Jan

X1 pair Superbox PM Session

X1 pair CAT 1 RLA PM Session

Day 2: 16 Jan

X1 pair Superrow PM Session

Day 3: 17 Jan

X1 pair Superrow PM Session

Day 4: 18 Jan

X1 pair Superrow PM Session

Day 5: 19 Jan

X1 pair Superrow PM Session

Day 6: 20 Jan

X1 pair CAT 1 RLA PM Session

Day 7: 21 Jan

X2 Merchandise (Signed Baseball Cap)

Day 8: 22 Jan

X2 Merchandise (Signed Baseball Cap)

Day 9: 23 Jan

X2 Merchandise (Signed Baseball Cap)

Day 10: 24 Jan

X2 Merchandise (Signed Baseball Cap)

Day 11: 25 Jan

X1 pair CAT 1 RLA PM Session

Day 12: 26 Jan

X1 pair Superbox Twilight Session

Day 13: 27 Jan

X1 pair Superbox Twilight Session

Day 14: 28 Jan

X2 Merchandise (Signed Baseball Cap)

Winner Selection and Notification

11. Each winner will be notified immediately, by promotional staff, once they collect their Order. The promotional staff will notify the winner that they have won and what Prize they have won. Winner is required to confirm acceptance immediately upon notification by promotional staff. Failure to do this will result in the prize being forfeit and the Promoter may at its absolute discretion select another winner (who will be the next valid entrant to make a Qualifying Transaction and collect their Order in accordance with the details above). The decision of the Promoter is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

12. Winners will be required to provide their name, telephone number, email address and postal address through a prize acknowledgement form in order to accept a Prize.

13. Date-specific Prizes must be taken on the date specified (indicated either on the ticket, or through other written means). Failure to be able to attend will result in the Prize being forfeited and the Promoter may at its absolute discretion dispose of the Prize without as specified in these Terms and Conditions without liability to the winner.

14. There is no cash or other alternative for any of the Prizes in whole or in part except that in the event of circumstances outside of its control, the Promoter reserves the right to substitute any of the Prizes with one of equal or greater value at the choosing and discretion of the Promoter, subject to approval by the relevant regulatory authorities.

15. Any prize/s that remain unclaimed at the end of a Promotional Period will be randomly awarded to individual/s who make a Qualifying Transaction.

Order Ahead (‘Served’) Process

16. The F&B Outlets provide menus to the App, comprising of F&B Outlet products (including item prices), which the App publishes on its application.

17. If an entrant is interested in ordering any of the F&B Outlet products appearing on the app from a participant F&B Outlet, they can make an order by selecting Your Order using the App.

18. Once an entrant has selected Your Order, they will need to proceed through the order process within the App.

19. To use the App, entrants need to first register by providing their name, mobile number, email address and Mastercard details, in order for the F&B Outlets to be able to notify them of a successful Order placement, send an order-ready notification and a payment receipt.

20. At the time of placing an Order,

  • Entrants may review and amend the details of their Order, or cancel their Order at any time, prior to confirming their Order at checkout.
  • Once the entrant has proceeded through the Order process to checkout they will need to:
    • confirm their Order at checkout; and
    • provide their payment option details which we will authorize as payment of Your Order.
  • Once an entrant confirms their Order and their Order has been processed (including payment) at checkout, a F&B Outlet contract is formed between the entrant and the participant F&B Outlet. The App not a party to that agreement and the F&B Outlet will be obliged to prepare and provide the Order to the entrant.
  • The F&B Outlet will send the entrant the confirmation of their Order to the mobile phone number nominated by the entrant in their registration details.
  • Confirmation of the Order sent by the Promoter is not a guarantee by the Promoter that the Order will be fulfilled.
  • The App will communicate the Order and customer details to the F&B Outlet.

Pickup Arrangements

  • The F&B Outlet will notify the entrant when the Order has been fulfilled and is ready for collection. The notification will link to a screen within the App that includes a Customer ID which the entrant will be required to display to the F&B Outlet attendant to collect their Order
  • It is the responsibility of the F&B Outlet, not Served, to ensure that the entrant’s Order is available from the designated pickup location, however if there are any delays to the pickup times, the entrant may be notified by phone app notification, email or SMS according to the customer details provided.
  • Entrants will need to pick-up their Order from the designated location.
  • Entrant will need their mobile phone (which will need to be able to display their Customer ID) in order to validate that they are the Order recipient.
  • If an entrant’s Order includes alcohol, they may be required to show proof of age (valid ID) in order to prove to the F&B Outlet attendant that they are legally entitled to purchase alcohol
  • Entrants acknowledge and agree that it is their responsibility to ensure that they (or a nominated person who brings their mobile phone and, if there is alcohol within the Order, has appropriate proof of age),go to the designated location to collect their Order. Should the entrant (or nominated person) not go to the designated location to collect their Order, they acknowledge and agree that:
    • They will not be entitled to a refund for an uncollected Order; and
    • The App and the F&B Outlet have no responsibility or liability relating to their failure to collect an Order, including any obligation to store an uncollected Order or for any loss or damage to an uncollected Order, which may include perishable F&B Outlet products.
  • If due to a Force Majeure Event the entrant’s Order is unable to be fulfilled, their Order may be cancelled and the App will refund any amount paid by the entrant relating to that Order.

21.  Payments

  • The App agrees to provide the services for payment by the customer of the Order price which the App collects to pay the F&B Outlet the Order price
  • The App only accepts Mastercard credit cards or Mastercard Debit card payment options. Entrant’s Orders will be processed in accordance with the payment option set up by the entrant.
  • The App uses AirService merchant facilities to process payments.
  • There is a transaction processing fee of 1.1% charged for each transaction made. 
  • All prices shall be shown in AUD, and include GST where applicable.

22.  Changes and Cancellations

  • Entrants acknowledge that once they have confirmed their Order and their payment has been processed, they cannot retract, cancel or modify that Order unless:
    • The entrant goes into the Edit Order page within the App and modifies or cancels their Order. This must occur before the F&B Outlet has accepted their Order. If the F&B Outlet has already accepted their Order, then the entrant will not be able to modify or cancel their Order using the Edit Order page.
    • Entrants can alternatively request a cancellation and refund at the F&B Outlet pick-up lane where their Order was placed, and only if the F&B Outlet allows them a cancellation and refund at their absolute discretion will the entrant be provided one
  • A F&B Outlet may refuse or cancel the provision of an Order for any reason at any time in its sole discretion, including where F&B Outlet products are unavailable. If this occurs:
    • The App will refund any amount paid by the entrant relating to that Order; or
    • The F&B Outlet may offer the entrant an alternate F&B Outlet product/s, which the entrant is entitled to refuse. Entrants will be informed of the substitution when they come to the F&B Outlet’s Served pick-up lane
  • If an entrant decides to accept the alternate F&B Outlet products, the App reserves the right to charge or refund the entrant any difference in price between the Order price for the unavailable F&B Outlet products that they ordered and the Order price for the alternate F&B Outlet products accepted by the entrant.
  • To the extent permitted by law, the App will not be liable to the entrant or any third party by reason of a refusal, suspension or cancellation or by reason of the unwinding of any Order permitted under these terms, after processing their payment option has commenced.

Other Important Information

23. If any of the Prize events are cancelled for reasons outside of the Promoter’s control or for reasons related to health and safety, there will be no rescheduling of the event and tickets will become void and will not be exchanged for any other Prize.

24. All winners take part in the Prize at their own risk and to the fullest extent allowed by law; the Promoter accepts no liability with regard to such Prizes whatsoever. The Promoter will have no liability in relation to the conduct of the winner or their guest, nor in connection with any circumstances outside its control with respect to the Prize once delivered to the winner.

25. Neither Mastercard nor its agents will have any liability in relation thereto, and any dispute arising from travel, accommodation or services that must be taken up by a winner in order to take a prize.

26. By accepting a Prize, winners and his/her guest(s) agree to adhere to all the venue regulations that applies to their Prize. Venue regulations may be provided at the time of Prize notification, however if they are not provided, they can be requested.

27. If for any reason a winner does not take or claim a Prize (or an element of a Prize) by the time stipulated by the Promoter, then the Prize (or that element of the Prize) will be forfeited.

28. Prizes, or any unused portion of a prize, are not transferable and cannot be taken as cash, unless otherwise specified.

29. Total prize pool value is $6,295.


30. Winners and/or guests agree to participate in related publicity accompanying or resulting from the Promotion without further recompense. This may include but is not limited to photographs taken which may be used for publicity purposes. By accepting a Prize, winners and their guests (where relevant) grant the Promoter the absolute and irrevocable right and permission to use, publish, publicly display, perform, transmit, exhibit and reproduce their name, statements, video, voice, recordings, interviews, photographs or other visual or audible representations or likeness, in whole or in part, individually or in conjunction with other material, including without limitation, text, photographs or images in any medium (whether now known or hereafter invented) including, but not limited to the internet and other electronic and social media and for any and all purposes, publicity, promotion, packaging and trade throughout the world without restriction as to manner, frequency or duration of use or any other purpose whatsoever in connection with this Promotion or in connection with the marketing of the products of the Promoter, or otherwise. Winners and guests (where relevant) further agree that all materials produced pursuant to the rights set out above shall and will remain the property of the Promoter.

31. Sale, transfer or exchange of any part of the prize package is strictly prohibited.  Any attempt to sell, transfer or exchange any part of a Prize will result in the Prize being withdrawn by the Promoter and the Prize will be declared null and void.

32. The Promoter will not be held responsible for the Prize winners and/or guests (where relevant) not taking advantage of the Prize due to health or any other reason.

33. The Prize must be taken by the winner in person unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Promoter. 

34. If there are reasonable grounds to believe that there has been a breach of these Terms and Conditions by a participant, the Promoter may, at its sole discretion invalidate the relevant Prize and disqualify the winner from the Promotion.

35. To the fullest extent possible in law, neither Mastercard, Tennis Australia nor their agencies involved in this promotion will be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever caused by matters relating to this promotion.

36. The Promoter reserves the right to verify all entries and the winners and to refuse to award a Prize or withdraw Prize entitlement where there are reasonable grounds to believe that there has been a breach of these Terms and Conditions or any instructions forming part of this Promotion’s entry requirements or otherwise where a participant has gained unfair advantage in participating in the Promotion or won using fraudulent means. 

37. The Promoter reserves the right to vary these Terms and Conditions or cancel the Promotion at any stage in the event of circumstances arising beyond its control and only where circumstances make this unavoidable but will use all reasonable endeavours to minimise the effect to participants to avoid undue disappointment, subject to approval by the relevant regulatory authorities.

38 This Promotion is run by the Promoter with the permission of Tennis Australia. Accordingly the Promoter is responsible for the operation of and all matters and concerns relating to the promotion, not Tennis Australia or any other persons involved in the staging of Australian Open 2018, all of whom shall not be responsible for or liable to entrants in any way whatsoever in connection with this Promotion, to the maximum extent permitted by law.

39.Any question concerning the legal interpretation of the rules will be based on Victorian law and the Courts of Victoria will have exclusive jurisdiction.

40. Privacy: Mastercard will receive the winners’ personal data such as name, telephone number, email address and postal address from the winners for the purpose of their participation in the prize fulfilment only and the data will only be retained as long as necessary for such purpose (i.e. until a maximum of 3 months after the end of the promotion). Winners can request access to and/or rectification of their personal data if incorrect. For these purposes the winners can contact the Promoter at the below address, send an email to or by visiting the following website page By participating in the Promotion, the winners consent that their personal data may, for the same purpose as stated above, also be transferred to Promoter’s third party contractors including (CMGRP Pty Ltd [t/a Octagon]) as necessary to process the winners’ participation in the Promotion. Receiving a prize is conditional on providing the requested personal data. Winners personal data will not be shared overseas.

41. For more information about Mastercard's data protection practices, see our Global Privacy Notice including our complaint handling procedures.