An Insight on Tourism Insights

Innovation is a key part of driving business forward, but we don’t want to ‘innovate’ for innovation’s sake, rather we’ll ensure that new technology continuously answers business needs and problems. This is why Mastercard has partnered with key members of the tourism industry – to use ‘big data’ in novel ways, unlocking actionable insights and opportunities across the travel sector.

The result is Mastercard Tourism Insights, with access to relevant, timely and useful information involving the entire customer journey. It offers in-depth intelligence extracted from search, social media, booking data and Mastercard transactions, giving Mastercard’s partners an edge in an increasingly competitive industry.

Giving Real Meaning to raw Data

This trove of information is then applied to any number of useful and practical outcomes, such as identification of the most valuable potential visitors (and understanding their mindset – what drives them and why they behave as they do) plus assistance with daily marketing and business challenges.


Some Insights on What Makes Tourism Insights so Relevant

Mastercard’s Tourism Insights uses machine learning algorithms and human expertise to harness vast data analytics interpretations on how to win market share from competitors, tracking trends and investigating emerging or growing markets.

Even with access to such high-end tools, the object remains the same; to ensure partners are getting relevant observations and insights that can transform their business in tangible ways.