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Qkr™ for Schools



The most advanced mobile payments solution

Qkr!™ by Mastercard® is the mobile phone payment app designed for Australian schools, delivering an advanced and competitive online payment solution. Qkr delivers convenience to parents, efficiency to canteen staff and excellent reporting to school office staff. It’s the perfect choice for any school looking to streamline payments.


Who is Qkr for?

Schools, P&Cs, and P&Fs:
  • Reduce the burden of existing administrative tasks
  • Ease of use for parents leads to increased revenue and timeliness of payments
  • Families can pay quickly, conveniently and securely meaning fewer office interruptions

Third Party Suppliers:
  • Connect a canteen or uniform shop to your existing schools
  • Increase sales by making it easier for parents to order and pay
  • Easily scale into the new schools that you work with



Better for schools

  • Improved receiving, receipting, reporting, and reconciling of payments
  • Receive payments securely 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Remove the need to print and distribute receipts
  • Fully auditable reporting for every payment
  • Simplified bank reconciliation process
  • Integrated signed permission forms tied to the payment
  • Real-time fully detailed itemized payment information
  • Receive funds directly into your school bank account
  • Decide which suppliers to work with and onboard them seamlessly


Better for volunteers

  • Reduced need for storing, handling, and banking of cash
  • Spend less time on administration and more time on activities directly benefiting children
  • Reduced administration equals increased volunteer productivity and satisfaction levels
  • Manage concerts and events easily including where seat availability is limited
  • Effortlessly collect payment for your various activities

Better for suppliers

  • Opportunity for canteens, uniform shops, out-of-school hours care providers, extra-curricular activities, or any business approved by the school
  • Accept payment from families at new schools within minutes of those schools signing up for your service
  • Reduce time spent on collecting and collating order information
  • Flexible and customizable reporting to streamline order fulfillment
  • Process online payments quickly, reliably and securely
  • Accept payments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Improve cash flow with option for same day settlement
  • Stand out from competitors with the most advanced mobile ordering and payment solution



Better for parents

  • Make faster, more convenient payments from a secure mobile app anywhere and at any time
  • Website payment alternative for parents and carers without a smartphone or tablet
  • Copy lunch orders from one week to the next to save time
  • Pay direct from a credit or debit card without pre-loading funds to a third party account
  • Track transactions easily with online receipts


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Qkr! by Mastercard - School Stories

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