Seamlessly and securely verify your
customers' identity in real-time.

ID a service by Mastercard, is a global digital identity network that allows individuals to create a secure, verified, and reusable digital identity.

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What is ID?

Find out more about ID and how
it can benefit your business

Combat identity fraud and improve user experience with ID a service by Mastercard.

Key Benefits

ID enables organisations to seamlessly and securely verify individuals:

Be more efficient

Verify customers faster with easy to integrate and simple to use solutions.

Global network

Built for Australia and New Zealand on Mastercard’s global ID network. ID can be used by individuals anywhere around the world that accepts ID.

Reduce identity fraud & minimise risk

Stop the use of fake or stolen identities through biometric authentication and multi-source identity verification.

Ensure compliance

Help meet enrolment compliance criteria, including Know Your Customer (KYC).

Reduce data on file

Minimise the amount of data that needs to be held on file while eliminating the need for manual and paper based process.

Improve customer experience (CX)

Deliver a better customer experience and increase customer satisfaction through a simple, fast, and secure registration.

Build trust

Reduce friction while increasing customer trust through real-time and high quality verification of individuals.

How it works

ID enables tailored policies to satisfy a wide range of business requirements. You can define the data your business requires to complete different use cases, which can assist your business in reducing friction across the customer experience, fraud and associated losses. ID uses encryption and facial biometric authentication to the individual’s information secure on their mobile device, providing your business a level of confidence the customer is who they claim to be.

Customer starts a sign up or verification process.

Customer selects ID method.

Customer agrees to unlock their ID.

ID authenticates the customer using facial biometrics.

Customer consents to share ID information.

ID verifies information to complete transaction.

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How ID verifies students taking exams online

Industry Use Cases

ID is designed to support a range of private and public sector use cases now and in the future


Biometric ID for high-value goods. Age verification for restricted goods. Address verification for delivery.

Financial Services

Streamline account openings and loan applications. Perform high-quality identity verification Ensure compliance (e.g KYC).


Provide fast, safe and secure access to Government services and benefits.


Support a safe return to travel through verified bookings and documentation.


Provide seamless onboarding to education providers. Facilitate secure registration from exams.


Verify over 18 or date of birth for the purchase of age-restricted goods and services.


Secure access to healthcare records.

Building trust in a digital world.

Learn more about Mastercard’s global vision for identity.

ID a service by Mastercard is subject to terms and conditions, privacy policy and terms of use.

Australian Privacy Impact Assessment (“PIA”) – ID Network - 15/10/2021
If you have any queries about the PIA contact: