Applied Predictive Technologies

Organisations try many new ideas every year; some of these ideas will work, but some will not. Identifying the winners is extremely challenging. Industry leaders rely on business experimentation for answers: trying an idea with some customers, stores, or markets, and comparing their performance to that of a similar “control” group that didn’t receive the program. The concept may sound simple, but successful execution requires the right technology and support.

For any program, APT software reveals:

  • Whether the idea worked
  • The elements that worked best
  • How best to roll it out

Leading brands across industries rely on Applied Predictive Technologies (APT) for answers.

“Test & Learn enables us to do complex analysis very quickly with a high degree of confidence. Ultimately, APT’s software helps us better reach our clients with the right outreach in the right channels.”

- SunTrust

Designed for Business Users, not Statisticians

Stop investing so much time in pulling data and writing queries. APT software features an intuitive workflow that guides the user with built-in best practices to ensure each analysis is accurately executed for maximum learnings, in minimum time. A straightforward question-and-answer format guides users through every stage of analysis; settings can be updated with a single click, and users can dive deeper into results on the fly. Spend more time thinking strategically, and less time running reports.

"One of the biggest advantages of the APT software is its intuitive nature and flexibility. With the successes that we’ve had using the software, we now get a number of requests from throughout the company to run new tests."

- Big Lots


Get the Right Answers

APT software does not just provide “good to know” insights. It changes decisions by providing the business with definitive, clear answers to critical questions. Whether it’s a new promotion, capital investment, or marketing campaign, APT cuts through the noise to isolate any program’s true impact on the bottom line.


Use an Omnichannel Lens

Customers no longer stick to one channel, so neither should your analytics. Mobile promotions can inspire store visits. Cross-sell from the contact centre can bring about online sign-ups. APT empowers organisations to see the full picture by isolating the impact of any program across all channels. Stop settling for partial answers; make decisions through an omnichannel lens.


Target Every Action

One-size-fits-all programs won’t cut it in a world where each customer, store, and market is unique. APT software automatically determines which characteristics drive program performance, and builds predictive models to inform the most profitable rollout strategies. APT has invested over 500 person years in developing more than 4 million lines of code and 6 patents to ensure organisations can realise each program’s full potential.

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