Mastercard Innovations

For more than 50 years Mastercard has been devoted to innovative products and services that transform the way we make payments, making our transactions faster, easier, more convenient and – vitally – more secure.

Mastercard’s commitment to innovation is aimed at adding value and supporting our business partners, improving the shopping experience and encouraging the ideal of financial inclusion around the world.


Contactless Payment for Public Transport

Find out about how you could be using your Mastercard in Sydney instead of an Opal card when paying for public transport, starting with the popular ferry route to Manly – it’s just as easy and fast and one card does it all …

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FitBit Pay

Not carrying a wallet or purse because you’re exercising? Not a problem with new FitBit Pay, allowing you to make payments from whatever device is most convenient – including a fitness watch – without the need to carry anything else …

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Tourism Insights

Explore one of the most advanced tools available when it comes to understand how, when and why people travel … and discover who’s the most likely to spend money with your company …

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Identity Check

See how Mastercard is doing away with PINs and signatures, replacing them as security measures with advances like instant fingerprints and selfies, which are more difficult to forge and make for better security that’s faster and easier …

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Qkr for Schools

Qkr is the mobile phone payment app designed for Australian schools to deliver convenience to parents, and improved efficiency to school administrative and support staff.

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Applied Predictive Technologies

Organisations try many new ideas every year; some will work, but some will not. Identifying the winners is extremely challenging. APT software reveals whether the idea worked, elements that worked best & how to effectively roll it out, all using an intuitive workflow. Maximum learnings in minimum time ...

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Click to Pay

Click to Pay makes it easy for consumers to checkout, no matter what online payment channel they choose. Consumers store all their cards in a portable profile they can use securely whenever they see the Click to Pay icon.

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