MasterCard® PayPass

Save Time at checkout

Tap & Go!®

The faster way to pay for purchases under $100.

With Mastercard Paypass you're good to go.
No waiting, no signing.*

What is MasterCard PayPass  ?

MasterCard is a contactless way to pay. It's like having exact change wherever you go. A simple tap of your card, key fob, or mobile phone is all it takes to pay at checkout.* It's ideal when speed is essential, like at petrol stations, fast-food restaurants, newsagencies, cafes and convenience stores.

How does it work ?

It's simple. No more swiping, searching for coins, or waiting for a change. At the checkout:

  • Look for the MasterCard Paypass logo.
  • Tap your card or mobile on this symbol
  • Listen for a beep and look for the green lights indicating payment was accepted.
  • If your purchase is under $100, that's it, you're on your way. No need to sign or enter a PIN* .

Is PayPass safe ?

With secure encryption technology, and Zero Liability, MasterCard Paypass is as safe as a regular transaction.

Looking for access to MasterCard PayPass  ?

See our list of participating issuers to apply for a PayPass card or phone tag today.

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Do I already have PayPass  on my card ?

Your card may already be enabled. Just look for the MasterCard Paypass or the contactless logo on the front or back of your card and you're ready to go.

How can I get it ?

To apply for a MasterCard Paypass card or phone tag, contact your bank and ask for it or any one of the growing number of participating financial institutions listed on our website.Check back often, as new card issuers are added regularly.

So Many Ways to Tap & Go™!

The number of contactless payment readers out there just keeps growing. Check out some of the latest models that make using PayPass even easier.

How to tap

Is it safe?

PayPass FAQ

* Conditions and exceptions apply to use of PayPass. Find out more