To empower business success, we have developed MasterCard Commercial Payment Solutions (CPS) - an innovative, scalable and tailorable corporate spending and analysis tool that delivers the efficiencies, control and visibility every business needs.
We like to call it business as unusual.

Streamline Spend

To be the financial leader that delivers critical business savings, you need to streamline spend in all areas - particularly purchasing and travel & entertainment.

MasterCard's universal acceptance means there will rarely be the need for anyone to use other methods of payment. This, combined with delegating purchasing responsibility to your staff and imposing individual spend limits through CPS, all adds up to maximum accountability and budget control.

Innovative managing and reporting

The MasterCard Global Data Repository is a leading technology that houses enhanced data and financial information for commercial credit cards. It provides custom views of data - on schedule or on demand - to support line management, finance, procurement or other leadership teams, and integrates fully with existing systems.

MasterCard experts are on hand to help you maximise the benefits of this innovative corporate financial management solution.

Find out more about how CPS can help small businesses and large corporations do business as unusual.

Small Business


Put yourself in total control of your business expenses.

Large Corporations


Enjoy full visibility and analysis of all your corporate spend, 24/7.

Smart Data OnLine


Discover a simple tool that makes reporting and data management easier.